Calling all sports fans!


Sports fans are very knowledgeable of the sports, game and the franchise that supports the game. They display their loyalty to the teams in their cars, trucks, homes, offices, desks and even their computers. They follow the every move from the general manager’s office down to the clubhouse worker. Knowledge and mastery of the game are crucial to their enjoyment of the game. Does it matter what game? No, the game could be auto racing, baseball, basketball, cycling, football, ice hockey, running, soccer, softball, tennis, or a host of other organized sports. The game may be one of those or a combination of sports. The real sports fan is emotional, passionate and knowledgeable about his chosen sport, and they share their enthusiasm with everyone that comes in contact with them.

Sports fans around the world are increasing day after day, but there is also trend of sports fans undergoing a major transformation and no; they’re not just drinking more beer and eating more hot dogs. They are changing the way that they express themselves. Even though the term ‘self-expression’ is usually thought of as about artsy types and those who like poetry, the term is increasingly applicable to the modern sports fan.

One of the most common and newest ways that fans are showing their love for their team is by blogging or posting in a team forum. Many fans have found that this is the best way to vent their frustrations for losses or at the coaches and to celebrate victories. Some college team blogs are incredibly popular and can have thousands of people chatting at any given time with tens of thousands participating during major announcements like signing a day or a coaching change.

Another method of self-expression that is being re-imagined and taken to a whole new extreme is getting dressed up for game day. In the past, this might have meant painting your face or, for the very brave, painting your whole body. But that is just too tame for today’s rabid sports fan. The Raiders football team has the fans with the most obvious case of extreme bodily self-expression with many of them attending games in what can only be described as full out war gear complete with stylized body armor.

A more subtle way of supporting your team is with sports checks. These are personal checks that feature a team’s logo or an image of their stadium. This is a nice way to express your support for a certain team without running around with no shirt on waving a flag. You can get team logo checks for nearly every sport, league, and division imaginable

If you are passionate and love a certain sport, then show it, join thousands of sports fans around the world. I understand that there are people out there who like watching a sport, but who sit quietly by as good plays are executed, and scores are made. Find out about the players who are executing those plays and making those scores. The information you seek is available, and let your passion flow to the surface. You’ll find that the game becomes more enjoyable.



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