Tailgating for Beginners

When it comes to the art of tailgating, most backyard barbecue aficionados think they can’t be beaten. But just how good would they be if they had to hitch up that grill and take it on the road? It takes a special kind of cook and some special preparation to be a true tailgating master.

If you want to throw a legendary tailgating party that your friends will talk about for months, then use the following tips to your advantage.

  • Before having a party, be sure that you have already packed up the things you need. Assess all the things you need like chairs, tables, trash bags and other things that you think you might need and pack them into your vehicle. Make sure that the food you will be eating is packed too. There is an order to packing all of your food. The last food to be packed must be the very first one to use. Being prepared will ensure a smooth working tailgate party, an essential aspect of any party.
  • You should always survey the area that you are planning to party in the day before your tailgate. Make sure that you have the correct space for a big party.
  • Your propane tanks will need to be checked and refilled if necessary, something you should never forget (or if you prefer to grill over wood or charcoal, make sure you have plenty of that too!)

Raw meats and ready-to-eat foods should always be separated. By putting these items in separate coolers, you avoid both bad smells and spoiling any of the food.Whether you’re serving beer, soda pop, or both, there are a few other things that he will need to provide as well. The drink man will also need to provide a¬†large cooler with about forty pounds of ice and cups for people who don’t like to drink out of the bottle or can.

  • For beginners, it may be best to have freeze-dried bottled water or drinks to be used for cooling versus having lots of loose ice. You can then eliminate loose and melted ice from scattering and leaving water everywhere, leaving a clean and orderly tailgate party.
  • Fly flags, balloons or anything that can be used for recognition for your guests to have an easy way in locating you.
  • Food should always be ready so that whenever your guests or participants wants to eat; you are ready, and you will not be panicking to cook to order.
  • After grilling, you should remove the ashes and keep them in a heavy-duty foil and dip them completely in water before allowing it to be placed in a container which is non-combustible to observe cleanliness.


When planning ahead for your next tailgate party, don’t forget to include games such as the Tailgating bean bag game for the enjoyment of all your guests which will make all of your tailgate parties are successful ones.


Lastly, remember that after the party is over, you should clean up your mess. Make sure that you have enough trash and recycling bags to dispose of all the garbage, cans, and bottles that you will use. Put everything in its proper places.





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